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Q: Why did you pick that artist name for yourself?

A: Our name is a representation of trying to stay true to hip hop and ourselves. It came from looking at our past as a group and coming up with a name that was bigger than ourselves. Something that would bring meaning to everything we do for years to come and guide us down a path of positively impacting those around us. Every individual will interpret our music in their own unique way and we hope that people can find the underlying messages in our music.


Q: Why did you start doing music?

A: Music has certainly impacted all 3 of us in different ways. In some instances it’s a way to face as well as escape everyday life. As we like to say we tend to be our real and true selves when it comes to being immersed in creating our sound but then it’s “back to the bullshit” we have to go back to normal life and a job we may not love or whatever it may be. Music to us is a time to come together and forget the “bullshit” for a moment. Music has been a huge component of our lives and we hope that our efforts inspire others.


Q:how long have you been doing music ?

A: We have all had our hands in music for a while now but as a group we have collectively been working together for over 4 years now.


Q:Where have you been and what have you seen and learned that will help your music?

A: Edmonton is a unique place because it’s so underrated and the amount of amazing talent here throughout various genres usually goes unseen. However, I think we’ve been fortunate enough to meet and surround ourselves around some great people who have helped us get to this point. We’re excited for the opportunities that may present themselves outside of the city but we would love nothing more than to help be a pivotal member of the Edmonton music scene one day.



Q: Is this your first album or mixtape release?

A: No, our recent Self-Titled EP: “Knowledge Beneath Lyrics” is our 3rd Project.


Q: Who have you worked with in the music business & who do you wish to work with in the future?

A: We have worked with a lot of people behind the scenes that have really been huge in helping us grow so it’s hard to name names without feeling like your leaving someone out. What we will say though is that we definitely want to work more with local artist’s especially in hip hop but throughout other genres as well.



Q: What concert you been to that changed your life for the better?

A: We’ve all been to our fair share of concerts and although life changing might not be the right phrase, we definitely look at other artist’s performances from a different lens. We can be very analytical in trying to understand what the artist is doing and what effect they are having on the crowd. It can be hard to really just sit there and enjoy the performance for what it is cause it’s in our nature to want to be up there and performing ourselves. Were always pushing to get better though and believe that we can learn from everyone in some way.


Q: How many tracks are on this release?

A: We have 5 tracks and 3 interludes.


Q: Will you be touring? Or shooting music videos for this release.


A: We had an amazing release party! Couldn’t have asked for a better night. As for videos, we have one out for the track ‘No Apologies’ and one for ‘Pennies’


Q: Tell us something you never told anyone

A: I’ll leave that one for lung and O


Q: Name three of the producers on the project?

A: Kurtis Shultz is the only producer on the whole project. He recorded, mixed and made every beat expect “GMF” which our homie Scott Allan or “Scals” co-produced with Kurtis.



Q:Do you read if so what book you reading now ?

A: (Kancer) I don’t read very often if I’m being honest. But at the moment I’m reading James Ellroy “My Dark Places.” (Lung) Yeah, I’m currently trying to work my way through the Robert Green novels specifically “The 48 Laws of Power.” (Organic) I have been getting into a book called “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.



Q: Which label or management do you work with?

A: We’re not signed to any labels but are working closely with LTD talent services in the city. They’ve been putting together some shows for us, our photo shoots and have shot both music videos for this EP. They’ve definitely been a big help these past couple of years.



Q: where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

A: We see ourselves expanding to other markets but we want to focus on growing within our city and helping those around us and in the scene grow as well.


Q: any tours coming up ?

A: we have a few things in the works right now, with the details yet to be finalized so we can’t announce anything at this moment. Keep your ears opened!



Q:have you ever produced your own music if so when?

A: No we all focus on what we bring to the table and try to constantly improve in those areas. I’m sure one day the time will come when we do though.



Q: As an artist where do you wish to go with your art?

A: We want our art to be taken seriously and recognized for the hard work we’ve put into it. With that we feel that creating a sense of community around us and being able to relate to people on an authentic level is what we want from this truly.



Q: wheres one of the spots you go to get your head right?

A: We call it the “Rabbit Hole” haha but it’s simply our jam space where work and some partying may take place haha.



Q: Do you breakdancer or DJ as well

A: None of us DJ but let’s just say we all have an interesting take on dancing haha. Safe to say everyone’s a bit biased so we all agree to disagree

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