Tuffhouse Records is Alberta’s largest independent urban music label that has been in business for over 19 years. So far, we have released over 7 full length studio albums and 3 mix tapes. Our main goal at Tuffhouse Records is to assist developing artists in improving and providing what they need in order to reach that next level. Tuffhouse has put on over 40 concerts and over 200 events which have included hall parties, sporting events, and popular award shows such as the Juno’s. We have also hosted Tuff-Fests, calling attention to the urban music scene in western Canada and teaching artists how to profit from their talent & create successful albums.  In addition to a record label, Tuffhouse has developed other businesses such as Tuffhouse Studio, Tuffurban Magazine, Tuffhouse Promotions, Tuffwear, Tuffhouse Films, and Tuffhouse Art. Our services include recording, mixing, mastering craft, artist development, photography, promotion, album design, writing classes and more.