• Joshua Hibbert is an award winning athlete coming up in the competitive world of
    Bodybuilding. Straight out of Edmonton, AB, he is one of Tuffhouses original reps
    for the TuffSports line. Josh has overcome a number of obstacles and challenges
    to achieve professional status at the Sport of Bodybuilding. In between his vigourous
    workouts and travel. He is a full time Welder & handyman. Tuffhouse had the
    opportunity to sit down with Josh and discuss everything from what it takes to
    train as a bodybuilder to his favorite comic book characters. Here’s what we
    learned from this real life Superman….
    Name,age & profession/sport?
    Josh: Joshua Hibbert, age 35 professional natural bodybuilder.
    Where are you from?
    Josh:I was born and raised in Edmonton.
    How long have you been Bodybuilding?
    Josh: This November will be my third anniversary.
    Who’s your biggest role model:
    Josh: I don’t have just one. I’ve always grown up watching wrestling, Arnie movies &
    Stallone. The old icons of action movies. Because I compete naturally, and those guys
    didn’t, it’s different. I still look up to them and some of their work ethics. It’s just a little
    What inspired you to become a bodybuilder?
    Josh: A good friend of mine that I met and started training with just convinced me to try
    doing some dieting, I was very large I was about 305 pounds I was a pretty big guy. I
    tried it, just cutting some things out, minor things while we were working out together. I
    noticed a lot of changes. I noticed I was able to keep up with my strength, I looked
    better, I felt better. Naturally after about 6 months of that (he had been competing off
    and on for about 25 years at the time) he said, you should try doing a show. I said, I
    don’t know about that. As far as actually dieting and having to stick to
    something. About another month or so I said huh? Whatever! We’ll give it a try what’s
    the worst that could happen!? If about halfway through if I don’t want to do it I’ll just
    stop. So I did it , it was hard, it was a big change having to know what I was doing and
    to follow such a stringent program. But I did it, it was quite an experience. I enjoyed it. It
    kind of gave me that bug where I wanted to do it again. My first time there was a lot of
    slip ups & meals that weren’t supposed to be there. The second time I was like well I did
    it this good and changed. 305 pounds down to 220, so 85 pounds in a year. I felt great,
    it was the best I had looked as grown man. So I was like what happens if I do this again
    and really stick to it. So then I tried it for my second time around. Things were a lot
    different and by then. I was just hooked on doing it and just enjoyed it.
    What sort of diet plan or regimen do you stick to while training?
    Josh: It’s all given to me by my coach, so it changes as to where I am with my show &
    where I am with my progress. There’s more food in the beginning, then things change
    and taper off. Not lots, but there’s minor adjustments to everything. My diet will change
    with my trainings. I’ll go from just eating the same things all the time to eating more food
    on certain days. It is less food on other days to coincide with what’s going on at the
    gym. All that changes and it just changes based on how my body is responding. This
    time around we didn’t do a diet, he just said I’m all caught up and I don’t need to. I’m in

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