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Tuff House 20 Questions: Interview with a Refugee

Tuff Urban(TU): Who are you?
Edward Rowland (ER): A refugee.

TU: Where are you from?
ER: Kevljani

TU: What brought you to Canada?
ER: Planes, trains and democracy

TU: .Favorite style of music?
ER: Don’t have one

TU: Favorite food?
ER: Cevapi

TU: Favorite City?
ER: I can’t decide

TU: Do you like sports? If so, which ones?
ER: Soccer is the best, and football is solid as well

TU: What do you like to do in your spare time?
ER: Time is an illusion

TU: Tell us what you remember about the war. How did it affect you as a child & how does it affect you now?
ER: The dead and the dying

TU: What are your thoughts on the North American political systems? Pros? Cons?
ER: The only pros in politics is the people controlling the strings, I don’t like to be conned

TU: Tell us something that nobody knows about you?
ER: I don’t hold that kind of knowledge

TU: Will you ever get back into music & if so under what alias?
ER: Depends on Drake

TU: What are thoughts on the recently expanding sexual movements in North America?
ER: You can’t care about everything

TU: Favorite Film?
ER: Once Upon A Time In America

TU: Have you been back to your home nation? If so when & why?
ER: Yes, to visit

TU: Do you find that white Muslims such as yourself are treated differently in society than those who match the visual stereotype?
ER: Probably. Humans are racists, and I’m sure some hold a Somalian and a East Indian indifferent more so than a European

TU: What are your thoughts on the world wide web? Has it been helpful to you since you arrived here? If so, how?
ER: It raises kids better than some of their parents would; but yet, it’s so poisonous

TU: If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
ER: He-Man

TU: What’s the weirdest place you ever unintentionally vomited?
ER: Who told you that I shit my pants in France?

TU: What piece of advice do you have for our readers?
ER: I’ll give them the A and the D but not the vice. Never have a vice


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