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Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Final

If you checked out StubHub with high hopes of seeing Game 7 on Sunday, you may have noticed you probably would have to sell an organ to afford decent seats. The Cavaliers forced a seven game series against a team who most expected would win in five. They didn’t. The Warriors out-scored the Cavs in the second quarter but the game lasts longer than that.

The Cavaliers made all kinds of history in a crazy four point game: First in NBA to come back from a three game deficit and bringing a major sports league trophy to Cleveland for the first time in 52 years. And probably the only trophy that’ll be there for a while again. Unless the Cavs pull it off next year too because you might be a die hard Browns or Indians fan, but you know your teams aren’t going to add to this win. Stupid foul outs allowed the Warriors to beat themselves. This seems to happen a lot in game finals, offering hope to those of us with the reminder that even pros lose their shit every once in a while.

People may start trashing the Warriors but I doubt there’s anything anyone could say that would destroy their spirit any more than this series has already done. To be the best in the league to losing the trophy that was almost in your hands would be devastating. Which is why I don’t play basketball.

Cleveland, enjoy the high this win brings to your city and try to keep the celebration below asshole level.

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