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Come One Come All… To the Playa’ Haters Ball!

Move over Eddie Murphy….down in front  Richard Prior, it’s time for the greats to sit this round out, because there are some new cats in town. These Kings of Comedy not only made us bust a gut with their urban wit and grit but always kept us grooving to their fresh rhymes & beats. Tuffhouse Records recording artists and comedians “Wayz, Slick Kitten, O.G The Mother Slayer, Mahad, Big Rhon, Prettybvyflvyd, Henok & Tarisai took on the stage this summer in a different spotlight than usual. For some, shoes were shined, suits were pressed complete with the finest of cufflinks, others came just as they are were. Regardless everyone’s eccentricity shone bright like a diamond at this Algonquin Round table. There was just one rule when entering the ring a.k.a the stage at the “Playa Haters Ball” and that was check your egos at the door, because you’re bound to get roasted like a marinated beef brisket!  Tuffhouses first ever Player Haters Ball was a crowd success and pivotal moment in Edmonton’s Urban Comedy scene, an area some would say the city normally falls short on. Big thanks to the Grinstone Pub for hosting such an epic night of laughter. Stay sassy stay classy and stay tuned Edmonton for more comedy in Tuffhouses near future.

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