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Tuff House 20 Questions: DJ Reno

 DJ Reno DJ, Tuff House Studio


How long have you been making music?
Holy sh*t, since ’98. Like 18 years

What’s your favorite food?
Pupusas. And curry goat

What’s your favorite city?
Edmonton. Duggan, actually

Who’s your favourite artist of all time?
Big Pun

What musical trend would you like to see end right now and never, ever come back?
The skinny pant gang. Is that considered trap? Who knows though, actually. All the nonsense, you know? [imitates Desiigner] panda panda panda

What’s been your favorite collaboration to take part in so far?
All my Edmonton people!

Who are three artists you would you like to work with in the future?
Immortal Technique, Tony Touch, Calderon

What made you want to be a DJ?
I just love music. Since I was a little kid. Merengue, salsa, dance, hip hop.

What’s the advice you’d give to somebody who wants to become a DJ like yourself?
Feel the beat, feel the vibe! [laughs]

Who’s your favorite DJ?
Jazzy Jeff

What’s the hardest thing about being a DJ?
Annoying people, y’know “play this sh*t,” and I never do [laughs]

What inspires you, in general?
Seeing others smile. Taking them away from all the sh*t, you know?

What’s your favorite color?

What other styles of music inspire you?
Disco, salsa, reggae, that’s about it for now

What are three ARTISTS you’ve got bumpin’ right now?
Kendrick, AZ, Das Efx

Are there any myths about being a DJ you’d like to dispel?
I just don’t believe nobody [laughs] I have no answer for that?

Is we finish, or is we done?
We done

What do you have coming up that we can all look forward to?
No set date, but maybe another compilation album

What, to you, is “Living the Dream”?
Family set, seeing lots of trees. Y’know, palm trees and sh*t

Any shoutouts?
Big shoutout to Tuffhouse Familia, for always being there and knowing the real. To my homies back home and  in the states. All the local artists. My brother Wayz10496949_727862100607413_2302324614879484967_o, my brother Maurice, and [raspy voice] la familia. Para siempre. All the vatos and vatas and cholos and cholas [laughs]


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