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Tuff House 20 Questions: Adam Estrada & Carlos Silva

Adam Estrada & Carlos Silva | Graphic Design & Promotions | Money Comes, Money Goes Apparel


How long have you been in the industry?

A: Promoting 16+ years
C: 3 years

What’s your favorite food?.
A: Empanadas
C: Pizza

What’s your favorite city?
A: Edmonton all day
C: 780

Who’s your favourite artist of all time?
A: Pac, hands down
C: Pac

How did you get your start in the industry?
A: I started promoting for X-Ray Productions in grade 9 or 10. They threw teen parties at local venues
C: Going to clubs and knowing all the older guys, I pretty much decided to help out and it’s grown from there. It’s pretty much the only straight urban promotions company in the city

What’s been your favorite collaboration to take part in so far?
A: The fashion show hall party cd release thing. That was awesome
C: Fashion show. Our clothing brand was in it! First actual collab between MCMG apparrel and Tuffhouse

Who are three artists you would you like to work with in the future?
A: Bone Thugs n Harmony, Drake, MGK
C: Weezy, EDI from the Outlaws, and Skepta

Who’s your biggest creative influence?
A: Me, myself, and I
C: We try to shy away from being influenced by others

What made you want to be a graphic designer?
A: Interacting with people, seeing the world, connecting with people worldwide
C: Being my own boss, and setting my own hours

What’s the advice you’d like to give to the next generation?
A: Just be you. Fu*k everyone else and take care of your own sh*t
C: Stand for something, because you’ll fall for anything otherwise

How long does it take you to design a piece of clothing?
A: Not very long at all
C: I come up with designs all the time on the fly
A: Yeah, it’s more choosing the designs that get used
C: Then the overthinking…yikes

What’s the hardest thing about your job?
A: It isn’t hard at all. I’m a people person and networking is pretty much second nature
C: Finding the right market while marketing with the smallest possible budget. Effectively. Saving dollars while making dollars

What inspires you, in general?
A: Life. Life in general. I’ve almost died twice, so I really take every day as a blessing. That’s why I’m a morning person now [laughs]
C: Freedom and knowledge. Learning in general. Math

What’s your favorite colour?
A: Red
C: Blue

What trend would you like to see disappear forever?
A: Skinny jeans on men. Fu*k Fallout Boy
C: Socks and sandals

What are three artists you’ve got bumpin’ right now?
A: Ruth B., Pac, Mod Sun
C; Matics, Weezer, Filthy Rich

Are there any myths about the industry that you’d like to dispel?
A: Everyone thinks it’s a “closed net,” but it isn’t really. You just need to be loud, make yourself known. Closed mouths don’t get fed, right?
C; That it’s hard to be seen. It isn’t. Just do it, like a Nike campaign

Is we finish, or is we done?
A: Oh fu*k, we never finish. We always going
C: Tomorrow’s a new day, same old sh*t

What do you have coming up that we can all look forward to?
A: More designs and a shiny new website launching soon! We’re also gonna be moving towards accessories and couture
C: A friend and I were discussing doing like a Booster Juice on wheels vending machine streetcar thingie. But I dunno, we’ll see how it goes

What, to you, is ‘Living the Dream’? 
A: When the people around me are stress free, too
C: When money and happiness don’t conflict with each other

Any shoutouts?
A: To my moms. I love you. We did it, ma!
C: James Cagney. And my mother
A: …and to the vats
C: Yeah man, the homies and the vatos

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